The Problem

Liquidating vehicles is never pleasant. It is an adversarial process creating a lose-lose situation for the debtor and Trustee. There are auction costs, reconditioning costs and low sale values. Payment plans with debtors are no fun either! It turns the Trustee into a collector and creates many problems and headaches.

The Solution

By lending money to Chapter 7 debtors for the fair market value of their cars, our trustee program results in a non-adversarial process with guaranteed, higher than auction values. It also eliminates payment plans by providing trustees with a cash value quickly.

Benefits For Trustees

No More Auction Costs or Hassles!

No More Debtor Payment Plans!

Guaranteed Higher Than Auction Values!

Benefits For Debtors

Re-Establish Credit With a Major Bank!

No Out of Pocket Costs to Keep Their Transportation!