We supply the lump sum necessary for your client to redeem their vehicles as allowed under section 722 and 506 (a) (2). We will provide you with documented retail values guaranteeing to save your client over a costly reaffirmation. Additionally…

  • Attorney fees associated with securing an Order to Redeem may be financed as part of your client’s redemption loan.
  • Our litigation support team stands ready to defend the values we send to you.
  • Your client immediately begins saving money AND re-establishing their credit.
Sample Retail Redemption vs. Reaffirmation Savings Analysis
Reaffirmation Redemption
Value N/A $11,590.00
Payment $498.00 $388.00
Term 58 months 54 months
Attorney Fees N/A $400.00
Total $28,884.00 $20,952.00
Savings $7,932.00