Negotiate win-win settlements directly with creditors, saving your clients money and guaranteeing creditors greater than auction values.

  • Easy Process: We prepare all materials and handle the negotiations (at your request).

  • Attorney Fee Financing: Attorney fees associated with negotiation in these contested matters may be financed as part of your client’s loan.

  • Win-Win: Creditors get higher than auction values and debtors get a drastically reduced loan balance.

  • Fastest Funding: Simple procedure ensures fast funding.

Creditor Direct Proposal

Date: September 2016
Debtor(s): John Q. Doe
Vehicle: 2009 Chevrolet Impala LT w/ 33,186 Miles

The Problem

Surrender = Liquidation Auction Value
Documented Auction Value = $10,250
(Using recent auction sales - available upon request)
Less: Reconditioning $200
Less: Repossession $275
Less: Depreciation $150
Less: Auction Fees $150
Net Recovery = $9,475

The Solution

Creditor Direct Funding
Accept Our Retail Offer
(Paid Within 15 Business Days)
Additional Value Recovered: