Our wholesale replacement program allows for debtors to purchase a vehicle the same day they file for bankruptcy. This provides automotive dealers an excellent opportunity to increase your customer base.

To have success through our program, dealers should have a large special finance inventory and the ability to think creatively.

Our program works as follows:

  • We approve your customers for a monthly payment.

  • You then work with the individual within the guidelines to find a vehicle that fits into the approved payment.

  • Once a vehicle is selected, you provide us the following stipulations: Buyers Order, Book Out Sheet, 3 references, Proof of Income, Proof of Insurance and Proof of Current Mortgage (if applicable).

  • We handle all of the contract work directly with the debtor and fund within 48 hours of receiving the contract back.

  • For franchise dealerships, we can fund with the attached Guarantee of Title Form. For all others, we will need proof of our lien being filed before funding.

  • No down payment is required. Given the financial situation of our customers, it is unlikely they will have more than tax and title as a down payment.


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